Seth Duin





Originally from 

Minneapolis, MN, United States, Planet Earth


Currently in

Montréal, QC, Canada, Planet Earth


Hey guys, you made it here-- congratulations! Welcome to my webzone, where I get to share everything about Seth. I'm normally a pretty humble guy, but you're here, so let's give you a bit of a biography.

I am a musician, and a digital communications adventurer. I'll break it down quick. I'm a guitarist and multi-instrumentalist, and have the pleasure of playing, recording, and performing with a variety of bands and incredible musicians around the world. I'm also a digital communications contractor, working on digital media projects with organizations in the US and Canada. If you'd like examples of my work and partner organizations, feel free to contact me, or check out my LinkedIn page.  

I focus in audio and video production, creating short-form documentaries for nonprofit organizations or other companies as requested. If you'd ever like to see some examples, hit me up.

Since I was a teenager I've enjoyed performing at hundreds of concert venues, clubs, weddings, bars, churches, theaters, and halls around the world with some incredible musicians and collaborators. From rock, R&B, country and jazz bands, to string ensembles and pit orchestras, I've enjoyed a huge variety of musical if you're looking to collaborate, I'm happy to contribute in whatever style you like! 

Currently I enjoy writing and playing with Minneapolis band, General B and The Wiz, while also playing regularly in Montreal with Lorelle Howard, Casey Burns, Andria Piperni, Chris James, Nomads on Wheels, and Naghmeh & The Southern Shores. When not making or talking about music I enjoy traveling, cooking, disc golf, movies, hiking, and the occasional game of Dungeons and Dragons....let's roll.